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Over the last few years the world has seen massive structural changes in social behavior. Over 1.5 billion smartphones are in the hands of consumers today. Over 50% of the Internet is consumed on these mobile devices, which offer unique features not available in desktop browsers. And did you know apps dominate mobile consumption? 83% of mobile time spent is in apps, NOT web browsers.

How did we become experts? In 2011 we launched our own app - saambaa. Apple chose our app from over 1/2 million apps to be featured on the front page of the App Store. We were also feautured in multiple App Store categories including What's Hot, Great Free Apps and Party Planner. It was a great ride - and we learned many lessons about what works, and what doesn't.

Importantly, we learned our experience and technology could benefit media companies looking to expand their mobile offerings while adding new revenue. Our product started to help them reach a new, younger audience - and make money. So we decided to focus efforts on helping local media do mobile in ways they never could before. Using our experience, there was no need to worry about repeating the same mistakes we made in the past.

For instance, we don't use old desktop tactics in our apps - banner ads aren't for small screens. Mobile requires a fresh approach - "think different" as we were once told. But that's not your job - it's ours. We provide both product AND strategy through a close partnership with each media partner. We think about how to leverage the biggest asset you have - your audience - using the devices they interact with for more than 2 hours every day. And that's why we started saambaa - because you and your advertisers need more than a mobile app. You need a mobile partner.

Meet the Team

Matt Voigt

the instigator

I was born in Chicago and realized at an early age that vitamin D was in short supply around the Midwest. San Diego bound, I took the road trip of my life with one parental unit and a hamster (long story) only to take up residence under my desk. Sometimes I break out of my office to live the saambaa life. Doing it with friends is usually about getting dirty and meeting the local emergency room staff, or at least taking a shower. You can find me running around the bay, stopping often to catch my breath while being timed by a sundial.

the final frontier
lamb shank

Mike Petanovitch

the mixologist

I’m originally from Connecticut, but I escaped the brutal East Coast winters in favor of sunny San Diego. You can usually find me on (or in) the ocean. If I’m not there, swing by Mexico and join me for a cerveza. I’ll be chilling next to an ocotillo. I’m a fan of gardening, BBQ, camping and relaxing. I avoid phone calls because they are not efficient, so don't bother calling me, send a text instead.

UConn (alumn & fan)
outrigger canoe racing
any tropical island

Ryan Goodman

the game guru

I’m a recent graduate of Cal Poly, SLO and a former Co-Chair of PolyCon. I was raised in San Diego and proudly participated in the school band and on the waterpolo, swim, and Botball teams. Now, you can typically find me wandering the beach or playing my music way too loud.

battle reenactment:
ancient spartan
claim to fame:
ancient dubstep assassin
personal record:
more games than most people know exist

Rebekah Osypian

the connector

I'm all about living life to its fullest. I love being outdoors, traveling, happy hours and cuddling with my 2 yorkies. I think that life is about having fun and taking adventures. And my secret sauce is doing it all with friends! From hiking and gardening to yoga and juice cleanses, it's more enjoyable when you’re with the people you love.

MacBook Air
ice cold dirty martini

Miles Healey

the rider

If you were just passed by a motorcycle that might have been me. And when not riding on two wheels you can find me riding the Southern California waves on my longboard. I don’t code but I’m a pretty good lifehacker. And no matter what, I’m always in.

when not in CA:

Irene Tena

the spaniard

I love design with a purpose, branding, film, photography and people that make me laugh. Originally from Madrid, Spain, I miss jamón and European soccer, but I'm enjoying the variety of sushi San Diego has to offer and learning how to surf.

Real Madrid
cliff bar:
white chocolate macadamia

Rafael Rodriguez

the inspirationist

Illustrating comic books is more than a pastime for me. And if I’m not drawing you can find me practicing moves in the boxing ring with friends. And no matter where I am, you’ll find I’m dressed to impress.

50+ ties in my closet
anything from the 50’s
star wars

Jessica Rees

the foodie

Born & raised in Palm Springs, I grew up parched. That’s not a problem in San Diego. I’m a Food Network stalker and you can find me creating a mess in the kitchen baking at random. My claim to fame is craving a bagel and lox at 11 pm on a Sunday night and yes, after some calls and a couple favors, it was cured.

murder mystery shows